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+ Drabble | Descend | Open // GL AU


Serenity smiled wide, her eyes lighting up as she hugged her shyly. “Well, I’m here because I wanted to see you, of course! I…is that alright?” she asked softly,  looking up at the Elysion princess. Asterodia always made her heart race, for some reason…

"Aster-chan, I just couldn’t wait to see you! The next meeting is too far away…" She blushed slightly, her bare toes wiggling slightly against the grass. Of course, the Moon Kingdom didn’t exactly have grass, but it was such a nice sensation on her feet!


"I hope I didn’t scare you…"

"You couldn’t scare me." She promised, even if her heart was racing. It was racing for a completely different reason than fear, to be honest. It was thundering in her chest like a wild horse running, thundering and ricocheting in her broad chest. 

"Serenity…" She smiled so gently, and then leaned forward, hugging her again, before she laughed. "Would you like to go on a walk though the gardens?" She offered, hand out and her gentle smile stretched across her face. 

+ A Peaceful Moment || withthemoonguidingme


Surprised at the sudden turn of Seiya’s head, Usagi’s heart nearly exploded in her chest, slender, pale fingers playing with the other’s raven hair. Her scent was something she had never experienced- sweet, fragrant, and a world of its own. Her heart was racing in her chest as Seiya deepened the kiss, and she eagerly returned it, tilting her head slightly, instinctually, as if she had kissed her so many times before.

"Hmm?" she whispered breathlessly, blushing shyly as she spoke against the other’s lips. She had fallen for Seiya, and to be fair, the kisses they shared were like a wake-up call to her feelings. But, should she say something, if anything at all?

"Seiya….I…." she whispered breathlessly, before pressing her lips to the others once more, trying to convey how she felt in one loving, tender kiss.

She pressed her forehead against the others, closing er eyes as she took a moment to breathe.

"Usagi?" She asked as she slowly moved to kiss her nose.

She wanted to tell her exactly what smothered her soul, this feeling that drove through her heart.

"I—think your eyes are the most beautiful things."

+ Drabble | Descend | Open // GL AU



Sneaking out was unlike her, and neither was slinking around the Earth palace courtyard after dark. Everyone had fallen asleep, but not Serenity- her head had been past the stars, away from the moon and down to Earth.

Ever since she first met Asterodia, she was particularly absent-minded, more than usual. She was just… so beautiful, so mysterious… Earth wasn’t a place she frequented, but…

She wanted to know Asterodia better, to know if the feeling in her heart that she held for the Earth Princess was merely a crush, or something more.

Sneaking over to her, she tapped the princess on the shoulder, dressed in a white, light gown that could probably be used for sleeping.

"Lovely night, isn’t it Aster-chan?"

She jumped, the broad shouldered princess of Elysion shimmered with electricity and she looked like she’d been shocked.

"Ast—Serenity!" She whispered in hushed, excited tones. She was so thrilled about it, this sudden visit. Had her deep wish to see the girl again been granted? It would appear so. she rose from where she was seated, briefly pressing her pale-blue linen shirt as if the wrinkles mattered.

Asterodia coughed and then looked at her feet.

"What are you doing here so late?"


Don’t ask.

wait. what.


Don’t ask.


wait. what.

+ A Peaceful Moment || withthemoonguidingme


Her eyes lit up at Seiya’s response, the odangoed girl happily snuggling up to the ravenette. “Definitely,” she echoed softly, before nuzzling her neck lightly.

It was moments like this that she cherished, especially since she was sharing them with Seiya. Her lips were still tingling from the kiss…. and, to be honest, she wanted nothing more than to remain here, in her arms… and maybe sneaking another kiss in.

Still, she worried about the next call, the next mission… Perhaps, if she just stayed in Seiya’s arms, everything would be okay.

Upon impulse, she leaned up, pressing a soft, sweet kiss to the corner of Seiya’s lips. She was never good at holding back….

Her head turned and her lips connected fully with the kiss. She inhaled gently, taking in the others scent. She smelled like sweets and strawberries. She smelled like summer and rain. Her fingers pressed against the back of Usagis head for a brief moment and her fingers combed in to golden locks. Her eyes closed, those electric hues had only briefly flickered across the others pale face before she decided to deepen the kiss.

"I.." She started to whisper against the others lips, but then stopped herself, instead just staying there, just holding her softly, precious, a gem needing her attentions.

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+ Drabble | Descend | Open // GL AU

Queen Calycia and King Aethlius had excused their daughter, allowing Asterodia the rest of her evening to do as she pleased. She would, of course spend it as she always did, as the Shitennou would laugh about. She would stare longingly up at a starlit sky, wishing to be those stars.

Because in a starlit sky at least you are somehow closer to that glowing, silvery world she wanted to see.

As she would walk away from the large dining hall, she could hear her mother leaning over to her father, whispering softly in confidence, wondering aloud about why her daughter was so airy headed.

Yes, Asterodia was quite distant. Her head was no longer in the clouds, it had drifted all the way to the heavens. She seated herself on a planter wall, where roses blossomed and spiraled up trellises, and she leaned back in to the thorny bushes, sighing heavily. Someone passed and greeted her, and if it hadn’t been grilled in to her, second nature, she’d not have replied.

No, she was dreaming already. Awake but completely enraptured.

She was dreaming of the last time the Princess of the Moon Kingdom descended to Earth.

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I need help making icons of Yamato Yuuga/Tani.

Who wants to help me, i’ll return the favor.

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+ A Peaceful Moment || withthemoonguidingme


Her eyes lit up as Seiya’s spoke, a soft giggle escaping her when her forehead was kissed. Slender fingers slightly grasped Seiya’s shirt, the petite senshi pressing a kiss to Seiya’s jaw.

A faint memory played through her mind- a flashback of the princess doing the same to her prince, in a soft, moonlit room…

"To be honest? There’s nowhere I’d rather be, than right here with you." She blushed, snuggling close to Seiya as a soft sigh passed her lips. "Seiya-chan, I…" She blushed darkly, before moving to grasp her hand, "I-I like doing this, with you. Just being held and stuff…" Usagi was flustered, as she buried her face in Seiya’s neck. 

"Maybe, we could do this more often..?"

Seiya gave mild thought to letting a giggle escape her lips, but pushed it back to escape the burning blush that would pair with it.

"We should definitely do this more often."

Seiya wondered though, sitting there, how long they could enjy peace like this. Their duties to the protection of the planet were so staunch that she nearly feared the next call to arms that they’d have, the next skirmish, she feared the say that Luna would bring home idea of the next Senshi ready to awaken.

Perhaps if she kept very still and held Usagi close everything would just drift past them.

+ A Peaceful Moment || withthemoonguidingme


Usagi’s smile never faltered as she squeezed Seiya’s hand lightly- her heart was fluttering in her chest, as she always had wondered what would happen if they were this close.

Her question was answered with a soft, gentle kiss- notably, Usagi’s first. With a dark blush, she kissed Seiya back sweetly, her eyes fluttering shut as her cheeks and ears became a delicate red.

When the kiss broke, a breathless smile claimed her lips, as she then pecked Seiya briefly in return. “I don’t know why, but… When I’m with you, I feel so strong. Like I could do anything.” Slender fingers cupped Seiya’s cheeks, as she smiled wide. 

Absently, she wondered why she felt like she had done this before, why it felt so right to kiss the ravenette Senshi…

Seiya smiled, this was warm and this was— glimmering, one of her flashbacks, of the princess and her prince, sharing a gentle embrace on a silver swathed terrace. 

Seiya breathed in as she leaned forward and curled her fingers in to golden hair, kissing the others forehead lightly, right where a golden tiara always appeared. 

"I feel like there’s nothing in the world, in these galaxies, stopping me from staying right here with you."

The ravenette hesitated a moment, because with her eyes closed she could make out that faint—no, it was like trying to see something in the reflection of th storming sea.

She was, for once glad it was difficult to make out.